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Friday, January 21, 2011

Soup! It's what's for dinner

We have been consuming a lot of soup lately.  The girls Love soup, almost any kind.  And it is pretty easy for a challenged cook {like myself} to make a good pot.  Two variations I have been doing lately are made with chicken broth and shredded chicken.  Very simple and easy to add in healthy doses of veggies.

Maier loves some shredded chicken
"More Pleeeease"

Drink it up

They love the broth so I serve them soup in coffee mugs; bottoms up!

This is what we used to make one version of our chicken and rice soup
Here's our recipie for easy chicken and rice. (There are two different ways we make it and the second way, (my favorite way), some of those ingredients are are'nt pictured.):

Both soups contain:

  • One cup of rice, cooked by directions on package, (add rice in right before serving)
  • In another pot, add one box/can of low sodium chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste
  • Shredded seasoned chicken(we use left over rotisserie chicken or seasoned&baked chicken breast)

Then for traditional chicken and rice, add:

  • chopped carrots
  • parsley(and basil is good too)
  • and most would like celery but the girls and Jon despise celery so add if you like
Or for my fave alternative, a mexican chicken and rice, add:
  • add two jars of your favorite salsa, (our's is Trader Joes Garlic Chipotle salsa-amazing)
  • serve with sour cream, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips
Let your pot simmer for a bit to meld the flavors.  We usually have left overs which is also a plus to this easy dinner.  Sometimes we have a salad and fruit on the side too.

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  1. always looking for a good chicken soup recipie. Thanks for sharing