"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Friday, March 4, 2011

My precious little babe:)

  When you live near all of your children's grandparents, celebrating said children's birthdays can get a little crazy.  Sometimes the birth'day' turns into birth'week', having a birthday dinner here, a birthday lunch there, etc.  Why not just combine all friends and fam into one big bash, one might wonder?  Well, we have done that, many times and will again.  But sometimes it just works out, for schedules sake & for the love of simplicity, to divide and conquer.  This was one of those times.  So, hence, the week long celebration of Maier's 3rd year festivities have finally come to a halt.  They began last week with chocolate cupcakes and strawberries{at Maizel's request}for her preschool class, and ended, several events later, last night after dinner with Gramps, Gigi, and Uncle D.

I thought I would wrap up my littlest lover's crazy week with sort of an official introduction to her.  Bullet point style:)

Maier Rose:

  • Born on February 29th; yes, that's right.  Leap year.  Whatever the heck that really means.
  • Weighing 8 lbs 3 oz
  • Welcomed by a dad, mom, and 19 month old big sister

  • She spent the first year of her life being fairly reserved with new people; you had to work to get a smile from this cautious babe{unless of course your name was mom, dad, or sister}
  • She had a way with her big blue eyes right from the start
please don't feel bad if you have the urge to laugh at this pic;
this is one of 'those' baby pictures that cracks me up so laugh away:)

  • During her second year, she became besties with her sister and her pacy
  • And threw caution to the wind by falling down a flight of stairs, tripping and breaking her front tooth in half, and eating anything in sight {including any green leafy thing and art supplies}
  • This is the year that her love affair with baby dolls began
  • I gave her, her first hair cut:)

  • During this last, most recent year of her life, so much has changed and grown; from '2' to '3' is a crazy leap in the year of a little one!
  • She has become independent, bossy, a conscious dare devil, hilarious, a little mommy{still obsessed with anything 'baby'}, and more affectionate{always saying I love yous}
  • Those ever present blue eyes and trade mark teeth 'have me hello' every stinkin day
  • Conquered her fear of the water and learned to swim with floatys and sometimes w/out in the pool
  • She began her first year at preschool, and talking became the norm as a result!
  • She has said 'good bye' to her pacy's; passing them on to the Pacy Fairy so that they will be recycled to a 'new' baby, little Scarlette;)

oh how I will miss that "pacy mouth" :(

first day of school

So there you have her, in a nut shell.  Of course I could write pages and pages about her and all her amazingness at pitching fits and her creative mind.  But then again, I haven't written in her baby book for I don't know how long.  I should probably go find it and record some stuff while I can remember!  

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