"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog Crashing: Happy Birthday Tiff!

Hi everyone! This is Kayla Aimee and today I'm crashing Tiff's blog in honor of her 28th birthday! This is what happens when you entrust your password to me. I get all up in your bizness, your bizness. I have no idea why I have an affinity for quoting rap lyrics today. That's normally our friend Laura's thing. It's possibly because Scarlette decided to start Aunt Tiff's birthday party really early. Like, at 4am. And so I'm writing this blog on my third cup of coffee. I better check myself before I wreck myself.

Tiff is my best friend and because of that, I'm refraining from posting lots of pictures of us our freshman year of high school, when we had a lot of classes together. Which subsequently resulted in us having a lot of lunch detention together. Apparently teachers frown on you passing notes for the entire period. Who knew?

Tiff got me through college, in some of my toughest days. I'd wake up to encouraging notes on my mirror if she'd already left for class. But since that was rare because we never actually went to our morning classes, it was more typical for me to wake up to Tiff singing a rousing rendition of "Hey Ladies" from the top bunk. It's one of my most cherished college memories, along with that time we got lost and accidentally ended up in a truck stop camp in the middle of the night. Oh, the memories.

We were bridesmaids in each others weddings, of which I have dug up some pictures for your viewing pleasure. You are welcome.
Every time I see a picture of myself at our weddings I think two things. A) Why am I not currently blonde when I know being brunette makes me look like a 16 year old and B) It was really painful to remove the duct tape holding up those strapless dresses.

In all seriousness, I love you Tiff! During the very worst time of my life, when I sat by my daughter's bedside and prayed for her to live, you were one of the people in my life who knew exactly what to say to me. Of all the things we've been through in over a decade of friendship nothing will ever mean more to me than you knowing my heart in that moment.

Happy Birthday!
(tiff meeting scarlette for the first time)