"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dinner & Two sided tummies

Hey guys!  So, now that it is beginning to feel like fall around here, I have been 'feeling' the need for cooking like fall.  We had our first roasted chicken ever, that was cooked by me!  You know, as opposed to being cooked by a Publix employee in that big roasting machine:).  My oval roasting pan has come fresh out of it's original box, just before being washed and cooking in it.  Jon and I received this as a wedding gift almost six years ago, from the cook ware line we registered from.  And as we approach that sixth year mark, it felt about time to open one last wedding gift.  This chicken and the veggies turned out sooo well that this will be a for sure go to meal, quite possibly weekly!  Just look at this before and after:

Quite impressive.  And mostly because the amount of successful 'go to' meals that I have are few and far between.  I try to be a good cook.  And I enjoy it; but some how when it comes to cooking a really grand-tasting meal, I am very challenged:).

Ok that's enough of food talk.  In other news, my girls have their fall parties coming up at school and we are very excited about them!  They get to wear their halloween costumes and do crafts and games.  Maier has known what she has wanted to be upon my first inquire.  A lady bug.  Laila has been telling me for weeks that she has "not made a decision yet".  When I informed her that the deadline to make/buy/assemble any costume was here, she informed me that she would be Maier's lady bug mommy.  They always seem to surprise me in their sister connection:).

Oh wait, a little more food talk.  Plus, they will get to eat great halloween party food; which means cute little desserts.  Now, sweets is one of our household favorites.  These things are not a challenge for me.  In fact, we,(when I say we I mean the girls and me-Jon does not claim this), have two sides to our stomaches: One for the necessary things like vitamin rich fruits and veggies, etc. And another for desserts.  One whole side saved just for the sweet goodness of Dessert.  Amen.  That really will be all for the food talk for now.  But I assure you there will be more because, after all, we are headed straight into the most wonderful time of year that is accompanied by tons of nutritious and not so nutritious delights!  Oh and I show you all the pics of the girl's costumes next week!  And maybe even a success story of  halloween sweet treats:)

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