"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good friends & Swinging to Heaven

This weekend we had a great time visiting two great friends,Ben and Laura, who are soon to be three great friends;  They are expecting in March:)  We love being with them and wish we saw them way more!  This visit we went to their home and they showed us the progress on their 'baby room', took us out to a fantastic park, and made dinner for us:)  Did I mention how we love to be with them?  They are so great with the girls and I have no doubts just how amazing they will be with their new little guy-they are complete naturals.   And Laura, who is also a natural at photography, always captures the best pics of the girls!  Thank you Laura:)  So here are some of us playing with the girls:
  Arriving at the park.  Do you like Laila's new way to wear her socks?  She said this was the most comfortable way to do it.  Ok Lu.  If you must.  I mean, of course-comfort first:)

Laila was not really getting into the sew-sawing and teeter-tottering.  A little too crazy for her.  But of course Maier was.  "Bring on the action.  I live for crazy."-that is her motto.

Wow Maier, you really can make that thing go.  Laila, did you want to try this one?-just checking.

Both girls love the 'baby' swings the most.  Laila wanted to go as high as possible, especially since she was safe in the 'baby' seat.  She kept telling us she was going to swing all the way up to heaven!

Always getting dad's help:)  Those bars don't offer enough secruity you know!

Hey Maier, did you want some help.......?  Oh, right.  Nevermind.

Please take a look at this sign that was located just on the other side of the playground fence....

Here's a close up of that caution...My first thought was, how could this be?  Right here near the children's playground?  Isn't this dangerous?  And then I thought about how maybe it's not really used much, and maybe these disks they speak of aren't really dangerous disks but more like small paper plates or something.

But soon after Laura and I were sharing our confusion on this little cautionary, here came this crew of young men.  And do you see those huge pink cirlces in their hands?  Those are not light weight paper plates.  They are like the serious disks!  Much bigger and denser than a frisby.  Oh, well.  Hopefully no child gets wacked in the neck while spinning innocently on that tire swing.

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  1. Love the color of your page...reminds me of your bedroom. Love the writing! Good job! Can't wait to read more......and I will be trying out that recipe! :)