"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow, snow, stay away...

I am pretty glad all of the ice and snow is 95% gone from our streets.  It was kind of nice having a little(or alot) of an unexpected brake from school and work.  But here in the south we don't know how(or have the 'tools') to drive in icy conditions so life kind of stopped for a bit and it's nice to get back to the norm!  We did have fun playing in it though.  
Jon's little snow man who still lives on in our freezer.
Poppi brought the 4 wheeler over and so we got to explore the neighborhood.

I know you can't tell from these pictures, but Laila(and Maier too), is wearing a pair of  trash bags over her pants to keep dry-it really worked well-thanks for the idea Mimi!

Maier and Poppi bundled up.

I really hope we are done with freezing ice temps; I like a little 'white christmas' now and then but really I  would take the beach any day!  

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