"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something is in the water

I have yet another baby shower to share:)  I have done, (with help of friends of course), 4 baby showers in the last month.  It seems as though many of friends were drinking the same water around the same time.  And so they are due all within the same time frame; and all due with their first born as well!  Crazy.  This baby shower was the fourth and I loved it!  Anyhow, here are some of the pics from this sweet, intimate shower from last evening:

Pretend there are some really cute blue & white cupcakes in that dessert stand

Here too...

Still imagining ok?

The beautiful mom to be:)  She glows even when she's not prego!

These little ladies enjoyed playing a rhythm-less 'songs' we will call it, w/their forks on the window for  us; and they liked locking me out as I came in and out of restaurant while setting up the table.  They were really funny.

There they are!  So cute.

This was such a great baby shower; the food, atmosphere, and company was wonderful.  We had the shower at this amazing little restaurant, (that is an old-old home turned into a place of business), called the Fickle Pickle.  They make their own pickles, which come with every meal, and are famous for their fried pickles and their desserts.  We had it there b/c Laura, the momma to be, has siliac-which means no gluten for her!  And they offer a gluten free menu:)  And because she loves places like this one:)  They even had a gluten free appetizer, home made potato chips with home made chipotle & ranch dip.  Amazing.

There were six of us ladies and it made for such a great, relaxed evening.  We enjoyed a little child rearing trivia(always a plus), good food(including delicious gluten free cupcakes one of the ladies made), and gifts.  We were hoping the outside dinning would have been a tad warmer but we endured the breezy beginning and soon forgot about it.  It was a successful night for sure:)


  1. tiff - are those boots i spy???????? where did you get them? secondly, guess who's family owns the fickle pickle? do you remember hattie? her family owns it.

  2. It was splendid! Thanks again, Tiff!