"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Better late...

than never!; that is what they say{even if we don't know who 'they' are, 'they' are sometimes right about this} :)  

And what I happen to be referring to is a date night:)  Jon and I have been married for about 6 1/2 years and had children for almost 5 of those years.  Of course we have had dates and still do go on them occasionally.  Or have a t.v.-date night with a favorite show{who doesn't think Criminal Minds is romantic?}.  But we have never ever had a regularly planned or assumed night for that purposeful kind; you remember those kind-where you love to talk, eat, learn more about him, etc...

So I came across this blog, A bit of Sunshine, just a few weeks ago and Rebekah has this wonderful little thing she has started doing, called Dinner at Eight.  You see, she has little ones as well and doesn't always have the time or resources to go on regular date night outings with her husband.  I was definitely inspired and thought 'oh how nice...I should do this...' But then she posted 'five tips on how to get the kids in bed early' and then I decided to seize the day, take her great advice for involving the kids, and prepare a last minute surprise date night for Jon.

Love birds

My girls really enjoyed helping out; I told them we would set up a surprise dinner date for daddy and me to enjoy after they were in bed.  I gave them a few 'jobs' and asked them for romantic ideas.  Laila suggested I wear my wedding dress and serve food:).  I actually took Laila's advice{although I did not wear the dress-impossible to put on and assemble, alone} and pulled out the candle habra that was on our table during our reception, served dinner, and pulled out a couple of engagement pictures to set on the table.  Maier put all the candles on the candle habra and helped with the table cloth.  Their reward for helping and going to bed well and staying 'down' and quiet was a chocolate covered strawberry{that they helped make for our dessert} in the morning when they woke.  It worked:)

Don't mind those toys in the background of our date night;)

We had baked teriyaki salmon with rosemary brown rice and a spinach salad with veggies.

I used to make Jon's napkins into the shape of a heart and write a little note on it; so I rekindled that ole idea!;)

And for dessert white chocolate covered strawberries and red wine.

  Now, I am sure it will not always go as smoothly with the girls and things could get hairy and crazy with schedules during the summer.  But I really want to aim to do this at least twice a month or more.  I mean, I love dating my husband; and it's important that I show him that.  And it is important for our girls to see us pursue each other, especially through all different seasons in our marriage.  

Because that's what God does; He pursues us because He loves us, even when we wander and stray(Matthew 18:12).  And maybe if Jon and I become more purposeful at pursuing each other, we could reflect something of God's love for us to our girls.  Hmmmm.  Something to think about:)

And a big thanks to Rebekah for sharing so candidly about her date night journeys and inspiration!!


  1. I am tearing up reading about your amazing, detailed date night. What a gift for you sweet family Tiffani - it is all so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing - the chocolate covered strawberry idea will be making an appearance in one of our dates they look soo good!! xo

  2. Criminal Minds is totally romantic. ♥