"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes, we gotta be Lovers AND fighters

Tonight at bedtime Laila told us she had a song to sing for us.  She said it was called 'Jesus Loves Me', which we sing almost every night{b/c it's Maier's favorite at the present}, so we, and Maier, began to sing with her.  But then Laila interjected with a new melody and different words and she lost us.  The lyrics went like this{sung to a tune I wish I could translate over the web;)}:

"he puts love in our hearts
he has joy in his heart
he has love to share
he made the people
he makes the nature
he makes the 'mans'
he is hope
he is safe
and he keeps the scary sings{aka things} away"

And then Jon and I looked at each other{awww sweet Laila:)} and then at her and of course told her how awesome that song was.  We  finished our 'good nights' and went downstairs where we can still hear them on the baby monitor{does any one else still use one in their "big" kid rooms?? I think I will for as long as I can} and listened to the girls chit chat:  Laila is still singing 'Jesus Loves Me' songs and Maier breaks into the Take Me Out to the Ball Game song.  Hilarious.  Laila  says, "Maier! I'm trying to sing songs about Jesus!..."   And of course Maier, with out so much as a pause, sings the whole song entirely{3 strikes your out and all}as loud as she could.  

I don't mean to paint a picture of Maier as a bully, but well, she is; at least at this stage in her life she is.  I am hoping and praying every day this phase will end soon because while she is experimenting with "The Consequences Are Worth It" life style, we are learning the importance of teaching Laila self defense.  And it's kind of stressful.  I mean, we spent so much energy teaching Laila "All you need is Love" that we forgot to equip her with proper self defense skills to use when, let's say for instance, in case someone chases you down, pulls your hair, and takes desirable toy out of your hand, and runs.  Especially when that someone happens to be your smaller, younger, and thief of a sister! :)  

Let's not end on a note like that.  Nope.  Let's end on the memories of sisterly love and the therapeutic environment of the beach.  I could live at the beach.  Really.  Not just a vacation but truly stay year round in that kind of beauty.  In a small town in the south eastern region of Florida to be a little more exact.  It's on my 'bucket list', to live there.  Jon is aware of this.  I hope he has taken it seriously;)  We have a trip planned for just a place in June.  

These are some pictures from our very first beach trip as a family of four.  It was over the Easter week/end.  Just the four of us.  No plans but to celebrate the glory of the ocean and the Resurrection, alone, together.

Beach sunsets...nothing like them

Easter Morning, flying her first kite

Oh June, you couldn't get here soon enough:)


  1. Elizabeth was a bully at this age too-- my parents love to tell 'self defense' stories from this season. :) I'm totally with you about June getting here too!

  2. oh my goodness jen, I must talk to you and liz(and probably your parents too!) for advice!! at least I know that you two have turned out amazingly-there is hope for Maier!:)