"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We love Snail Mail

It's always exciting to get mail, especially when you are little and know that a package is coming for you, and you don't know what's inside.  My sister, {Aunt Lala}, is really thoughtful when it comes to sending little cards with treats inside for the girls; she has lived in New York and now in Colorado and the girls always love hearing about and seeing pictures of the places she lives.

And then when they get some mail, that comes "all the way from Colorado!" it's super exciting:)  This week they got a little crafting package.  I told my sister that Maier was really into 'cutting' these days.  You know, using scissors on anything she can{is allowed to}.

She put little jewels on 2 pairs of scissors and lots of scrapbook paper and stickers.  They can sit for so long just cutting and creating pictures.  Thanks Aunt Lala!

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