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Friday, March 11, 2011

She is Safe

Jon and I met two wonderful people, when we became a part of the church we go to now, a couple of years ago.  Their names are Michele and Daniel, a husband and wife.  Michele is president of She is Safe, recently know as Sisters in Service, an organization dedicated to advocating for women and children.  They are not only a voice for the abused, they make things happen!  Here is their mission statement:

"Our Mission:

Sisters In Service works to restore the lives of abused and exploited women and girls in high-risk places, equipping them to live in freedom and faith for a strong future.
Overseas SIS intervenes through practical grassroots programs of rescue, health and hygiene, education, economic empowerment and spiritual development.
In the U.S., through our Advocacy Program, we compile research, publish and organize to equip people to take action on the hard-hitting issues least reached women and girls face: child marriage, malnutrition, illiteracy, poverty, and exploitation. SIS's advocacy program trains and deploys volunteers across the nation as passionate advocates and intercessors for best practice interventions."

Take a moment to read this email Michele sent out on ash Wednesday and view the quick video(a link at the bottom)...

      Lent Email Header

Lent Poster child

Lent begins today ...join us and change her life
Dear SIS friend,

If you have ever participated in the 6-weeks prior to Easter known as Lent, you know the blessing it can be.  If you haven't, I promise you that it can make Easter powerful beyond words.  And it is really quite simple.  We take just a few minutes each day to remember the last weeks of the Lord's earthly life with gratitude.  And when Easter arrives, our hearts have been prepared to jump into radiant worship of the resurrected Christ.

This year SIS is inviting people to focus their Lent acts of worship (prayer, sacrificing and giving) in a way that will bring lasting benefit to the most abused and exploited human beings on earth: women and girls.

Please take a moment to view our Youtube Life for Lent SIS video.  It is an engaging and powerful 1:39 second ride that helps you see how your 6-weeks of worship can transform one life forever.  Then forward it on, as widely as you can, "like it" on Facebook, send it to media people, to your pastor, your small group friends, blog about it, tweet, and pray ...

For the least of these,
Michele transparent 

Michele Rickett
President and CEO | She Is Safe

Click here for the Life for Lent SiS video.  So like Michele said, send this to anyone you think would be interested.  Pass it on!  And if you want more information on what they do and how/what you can pray for go to there website and read up on everything-you will be so glad you did!  www.sistersinservice.org     

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  1. What a fantastic cause. So good of you to spread the word.