"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Friday, March 18, 2011

A thrifting we will go

Yesterday after school, we{I} decided to skip going home for naps.  Instead, the girls and I met Jon for lunch and then we went to the Goodwill.  Sometimes this can be trouble.  And sometimes it is not.  I was in a 'good place' to not just buy anything and the girls seemed particularly rested and pleasant.  So thrifting we went!  Here are the goods we came home with:

I have been on the hunt for another children's vintage record sleeve because the one I have framed in the girls bedroom needed a partner-I have another identical frame that needs to be filled and hung with the existing one.  The one I already have was free! and this one was one do-lla!!  {This is where my husband says things like "One dollar spent could have been one dollar saved"}

The precious little hand knit sweater is for little Spaghetti and it is so soft and cuddly; and only for a whopping $1.60.  You can not beat that with a stick ya'll{sometimes a very southern accent will emphasize importance}

And that little mug with an orange poppy and white daisys was 99 cents so it was my treat.  I am a bit of a 'collector' of dishes, and this one was so cute:)

Happy Friday:)


  1. So great! How did the Spaghetti knick-name come to be? :)

  2. Before Scarlette was born, Kayla was wondering what kind of knick name would go for 'scarlette' b/c we couldn't go with 'scar' or something:) So the girls were into rhyming that day and trying to find something to rhym w/ her name. Then they arrived at "...Scarletty spaghetti...it rhyms!!" And Kayla thought it was cute{and acceptable;)} so that's what we call her at our house:)