"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Monday, March 21, 2011

To Journal or Not to Journal

First I wanted to share a picture of two of the album I framed; I think it looks so good:)  I am happy this little 'project' is complete-check!  That means one more piece of decor(the frame) has been cleared from the Junk Room.  { I may not have mentioned before, that while we have lived in this house for about a year now, we still have a room of unpacked boxes, the old nursery crib&rocker, clothes, etc.--so we have a Junk Room.  Most people have a junk drawer, and we have that as well.  We are just bad, and have a room too.  Embarrassing I know.  Just keeping it real people.  I mean, it's not a 'big' room or anything...

Anyhow, here are the pictures:


Now, onto more of a purposeful subject: journaling.  I don't know if journaling is for you.  I know it's for  some and then some people can't stand the thought of sitting down and pouring it out on paper but rather some other outlet.  Whatever works.  I am a journal-er.  I am not a 'good' writer by any means; no one would/could ever make a book out of my ramblings and prayers on paper{much less any sense}.  But none the less, I do love to 'get it all out' on paper.  I feel better after I vent or pray in writing.  I even love to draw things I want to make, or sketch out rooms with furniture placement ideas.  I am just a visual kind of girl and even if I rarely go back to read or look over my ideas, putting 'it' down on paper is so good for me.

So around Christmas time I found these really cute little spiral bound sturdy notebooks that I thought would be perfect for the girls to use as their journals.  They have seen me over time writing or doodeling in random notebooks/journals and so the concept was not too foreign to them.  I decided to stuff their stockings with these new journals bound up with some pens, pencils, and stickers.  

Obviously, neither one can write sentences yet but what a great thing, for them to begin now, to draw creations and to be inspired by what they can make with letters and doodles, all kept up in their own little book.  So a couple of mornings each week, after breakfast, we get out our journals and sometimes we share what we are recording.  I know this exersice will help their motor skills with writing and be another way to express themselves creatively; and maybe even to find value in taking time to be still and know Him, and to see and express how they are made in His image.  

"Come and behold ye the works of the Lord: what wonders he hath done upon earth,"
Psalm 46:8


  1. TIff-

    this is fantastic! mother of the year award for real!!

  2. First. Love the frames.
    I have tons of records laying around so this would be so sweet to do. Just wish I could access them ( maybe hinge the fronts) ah too much trouble... ;)

    JOurnaling - I always buy these pretty books but then loose interest in actually filling it. But I should. Thanks for the reminder.