"The dignity, the grandeur, the tenderness, the everlasting and divine significance of motherhood."

-De Witt Talmage

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

vacation part dos

Here is a bit of pics from the last half of our week on vacation...

Little frogs, ("little guys"), were often found in the pool in the mornings; the frogs almost always joined in the pool games, such as tea party, whether dead or alive.

Every afternoon but one of the days there, we got an overcast couple of hours always accompanied by showers and light t-storms; before the lighting and thunder hit, we would rush back from the beach just in time for the girls to jump in and swim with the rain at the pool.

Beautiful plants all around my aunt's yard-she knows all the names and specifics; I tried to remember all the names but there were way too many to count!

Fishing gear ready and waiting for the evening catch from the dock.

Another gorgeous bloom.

The dolly was always packed with stuff to carry over to the beach.

Maier relaxing in the pool.

More beautiful blooms.

 I really love this shot, which seems like a terrible picture b/c it is so dark and fuzzy.  But it captured a great memory: The end of long day in the ocean, Jon holding Maier, and Laila and my dad, Gramps, boogy boarding on the little waves, and the water was calming down.  All was perfectly peaceful and restful.

Ocean side fishing.

Laila learning to swim with her whole face under the water.

Maier and Gramps flying a kite.

Jon trying out surfing on what waves could be 'surfable'; the last time he had surfed was 10+ years ago!

And here we have my spot; this was one of the last days to be enjoyed and Jon took the girls to the movies while I got to sit and read by the water-all by my self-what?!.  My idea of the most perfect way to relax, decompress, and revitalize:)

It was a fabulous trip and I long to return!!

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